Permanent Entry Visa Application Requirements

There are two ways to be eligible to apply for a permanent entry visa. First, you must have lived for two years in Australia, and you must have been working for at least one of them. The other method is to be sponsored using the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

Permanent Entry Visa Types

There are many different permanent entry visa subclass that can be applied for like the subclass 801 or the subclass 100, and they all have very specific requirements. Typically there is a reason that would benefit Australia, such as a specialized skill, an investor, or a skill that is under-supplied.

Benefits of a Permanent Entry Visa

As already mentioned, the permanent entry visa Australia gives is not the same as citizenship. However, there are many different benefits that visa holders can get, and the following list contains some examples:

  • Social Security – many permanent entry visa holders can have access to Australian social security benefits

  • National Health – generally, permanent residents are covered under the national health system

  • Higher Education Loans Program – certain types of permanent entry visas can get assistance of loans to be used for higher education

  • Migration Sponsorships – permanent residents can be eligible to sponsor another person for a permanent entry visa

Please note that the list above is not extensive, and not all permanent entry visa holders have access to all of these benefits. What you’re qualified for will depend on what class and type of visa you receive.

Differences from Citizenship

Becoming a citizen of Australia is much more complicated than simply obtaining a permanent entry visa, and it doesn’t have that many more benefits. However, it does have some significant rights that aren’t offered to all visa holders, and some examples can be seen below:

  • Voting Rights – in most cases, permanent entry visa holders are not eligible to vote, but there are some exceptions

  • International Travel – not all permanent entry visas allow for unlimited entry and exit of Australia while maintaining the permanent resident status (so make sure you understand your status before any international travel)

If Australian citizenship is something you’re interested in, it’s very wise to start planning for it at the earliest possible date. Whether or not you are already a permanent resident, our experts can discuss your personal situation and help you make sure you’re proceeding in the correct manner to reach your goal.