What things do I need for my PSA?

In order to accomplish the job ready program, the first step to follow is the Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA).


To be eligible for PSA you need to secure the following:

  • Must have an international student visa to study in Australia
  • Must have a qualification in an occupation assessed by TRA awarded by a Registered Training Organization (RTO) who is registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students(CRICOS) as a result of a study in Australia
  • Must have completed a minimum of 360 hours of employment or vocational placement in an Australian workplace based on industry-standard equipment and should be relevant to your qualification and nominated occupation within three years before applying online.

Application Documents:

To register the PSA application you must submit the following color scanned documents to TRA within 45 days from the date you applied online.

  • The complete and signed PSA Summary Page
  • A copy of your current passport with biographical identification page and all arrival and departure stamped pages - A current passport sized photograph
  • A copy of a full academic transcript of results including the commencement and completion dates of study in Australia and all your Australian qualifications relevant to your nominated occupation
  • If claimed employment -you must have evidence to support any periods of claimed employment completed in Australia in the last three years such as pay slips, payroll printouts, bank statements and work statements that have a minimum total of 360 hours.
  • If vocational placements- you must get a copy of logbooks and work statements from the Registered Training Organization to support any periods claimed for vocational placements that were completed in Australia in the last three years and has a minimum total of 360 hours.

Before submitting it to the TRA make sure the application is accurate and complete. The PSA application will likely be processed 90 days from the receipt of the application of documents.

Verification process:

TRA will contact the person who signed your work statement/s to verify your employment. So the TRA must have a link to the landline or mobile number of your business or RTO. If the signatory can't be contacted or does not respond to a call back request from TRA then your work will not be able to be verified and your application will be cancelled.

Reference: http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/