Tasmania and South Australia has added new occupations to their state list

The South Australia and the Tasmania government have published their updated occupations list.

For South Australia

Occupations below are with low availability:

139914 Quality Assurance Manager
263113 Network Analyst
411713 Family Support Worker

Also, below are occupations shifted to supplementary list which has special conditions:

612115 Real Estate Representative
313113 Web Administrator
312511 Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson

South Australia has 297 occupations in their supplementary skilled list which are not in shortage. However they are only available to limited applicants who can demonstrate employment outcomes or family links to support social resources and economic purposes of South Australia's participation in the skilled migrant program. This includes Skilled migrants who works in a skilled occupation in South Australia, South Australia’s International graduates, and those who have immediate family members residing in South Australia permanently who can support their settlement while seeking employment, or those who demonstrate strong employability qualities can avail the list.

For Tasmania

Tasmania government has committed to process the nomination without fee for subclass 489/190 visas. Also, it is confirmed by the government that there will be no nomination ceiling applicable to state nominations and for that students who has no employment offers will be able to access the Tasmanian skilled occupations lists which had added further occupations including:

131112 Sales and Marketing Manager
252712 Speech Pathologist
261111 ICT business Analyst

Those successful applicants who will receive a nomination from Tasmania will receive 10 additional points if they apply for a subclass 489 visa and 5 additional points when they make an application for a subclass 190 visa.