Sponsorship of a Related Person

Recent changes to the immigration policy means that it is much more difficult (but not impossible) to sponsor yourself for a 457 visa if you are a business owner or company officer (“self-sponsorship”). This covers situations where:

  • The visa applicant is a director or owner of the sponsoring business
  • The visa applicant is a relative or personal associate of an officer of the sponsoring business

In the above cases, the Department may suspect the nominated position is being created purely for the purpose of securing entry for the owner or family member and will seek further evidence from you to evidence the position is genuine.

In such cases the applicant and/or the business owner needs to keep a check on the following items: -

  • Is the business address and the applicant’s address is same?
  • What the “principal place of business” is as registered on the ASIC register?
  • How old is the business?
  • How many shareholders and/or directors does the business has?
  • Is the business profitable?

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