Health Insurance for International Students

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

It is necessary that all student visa holders in Australia must hold an Overseas Student Health Cover. OSHC is important as it allows students to access an affordable health care.

The Department ensures that the students have an OSHC for their likely period of stay before they are granted with a visa. So it’s important to check both the start and end date of OSHC. The end date of OSHC should be aligned with the visa grant periods which change depending on course, its length and the finish dates. Be aware that if you provide OSHC for a period longer than the course, but shorter than the normal visa grant period, you may be granted a visa for a shorter amount of time only.

The start date of OSHC should be the day the student intends to arrive in Australia. A common mistake of any applicant here is to arrange OSHC to commence on the first day of their course. It is important to note that the immigrant officers would not grant a visa if OSHC begins less than one week before course commencement. If the student is travelling close to their course start, make sure that they have attached some evidence of their intentions. However, for students applying in Australia, make sure that there are no gaps in the coverage.

Moreover, OSHC incorporates cover for visits to the doctors, some clinic treatment, ambulance cover, and limited pharmaceutical (medicines). OSHC beneficiaries can give a scope of various OSHC products. These may extend from a basic product which covers just the necessary minimum service to inclusive products which cover, also to the compulsory minimum service, extra service as indicated under the specific policy.

The cost of OSHC will differ depending on the type of cover. The average costs of minimum cover are below:

$437 12 months single cover
$1,222 12 months couple cover
$1744 12 months sing le-parent cover
$2022 family cover

When you get a bill for medicinal treatment, you can either pay the bill or get repayment from your insurer or the unpaid record can be sent directly to the insurer. For pharmaceutical cases, you should pay the chemist first and after that claim from the insurer.

Every international student is required to get an OSHC to secure their visa. Importance of getting this is for their safety and to take care of their health while they are staying in abroad. In the event that you are studying more than one education institution and both are arranging OSHC, you will have to make sure that there is no gap between policies. This implies that as one arrangement terminates the following begins immediately.