Do I Need a Skills Assessment for Permanent Residency?

Permanent residence applications will require an applicant to obtain positive skills assessment in their nominated occupation.

It happen when you are in an attractive position of being eligible for the skilled independent visa (subclass 189) or the skilled nominated visa (subclass 190). Then you need to obtain skills assessment.

Once you have chosen the relevant visa you need to select an occupation that is on the relevant list of eligible skilled occupations. Make sure that you provide evidence that your skills have been assessed by the relevant assessing authority and it should be satisfactory because it will be used for Points Tested Skilled Migration.

When you already researched your visa options and prepared all the information needed you can now select an Expression of Interest (EOI) in the visa category for which they would like to be chosen. But before you submit EOI you should first manage to get Positive Skill Assessment so your time and money won’t be wasted on a visa application that may not meet the necessary requirements. If you already submitted your complete EOI you will then receive a confirmation notification from Skill Select. And it is stored in skill select and is valid for two years.

Once you are entered in the system, you might receive an invitation to lodge a visa application or an Australian employer might contact you to discuss employment and sponsorship opportunities.

This Migration stream is also known as the Skilled Migrant category so it goes without saying that it is a mandatory process. There is no shortcut to Skills Assessment – it must be done and it must be done right.