Discounted Course Fee

We at KAUR MIGRATION want nothing more than to see you fulfil your ambition of studying abroad, and we will do whatever we can to help you get there. Process your application through Kaur Migration
Experienced Education Agent and Kaur Migration will refund you upto $3000 of the total cost of your tuition fee!


  1. Students who submit a College application to an Australian, New Zealand or Canadian school through Kaur Migration qualify for this program if the following conditions are met:

    1. Applications are for partner schools of Kaur Migration.
    2. Applications are for the July intake for Australia and New Zealand, and for the September 2018 or January 2019 intake for Canada.
    3. You must be an onshore applicant with Valid Student Visa or Intend to Lodge a Student Visa.
  2. On Confirmation of Enrolment students need to submit the following to the Kaur Migration office that processed their application

    1. Proof of payment of the Tuition fee(confirmation or official receipt)
    2. Full name to be written on the cheque for refund of upto $3000
    3. A copy of Passport
  3. After a student submits all requirements to the Kaur Migration office, the verification process will take place and it will take upto 15 business days.
  4. When the check is ready for pick-up, the students will be notified by Kaur Migration. To claim the check, students will be required to bring a valid Passport..


  • If students are not able to pick up their checks, they should issue an authorization letter with a certified copy of their valid government Passport and their representative’s government issued ID along with their complete details.

  • If students cannot come to the office to claim the check, it can be posted to their nominated address via ordinary mail.